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Did you know that trees have huge social and environmental benefits? From decreasing the levels of work-induced stress to dramatically reducing levels of air pollution, trees play a huge role in improving our overall environment and wellbeing.

That’s why here at HBA Landscapes, we are so passionate about planting trees and offering our clients the full aftercare plan required to sustain them.

Tree planting in Brackley

The perfect tree for you

From a single tree to an entire orchard, we understand that each client has slightly unique needs. Our specialist team, therefore, liaises with you to establish what your requirements are so we can plan and deliver the perfect tree planting solution for you.

Aftercare you can rely on

The process doesn’t end with planting, our specialist team also provides a full aftercare plan to ensure the longevity of your newly established trees. With a mortality rate of 30-50% for newly planted trees in the UK, our aftercare plan greatly reduces this statistic by strategically targeting the most neglected areas of aftercare.

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From a single tree to an entire orchard, we can help

If you re located in Brackley or within a 30 mile radius, let HBA Landscapes take care of your tree planting needs, providing you with a wonderful addition to your outside space that has incredible environmental and social benefits.

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