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We source and lay high-quality mulch

With so many benefits to the health of your plants and entire garden, mulching is an essential annual task.

Sourcing and laying all types of high-quality mulch across Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, HBA Landscapes passionate team are proud to deliver excellence to optimise your plants performance.

Mulching weed control Brackley

The benefits of mulching

HBA Landscapes are experienced in sourcing and laying mulch so your plants can experience the many benefits. We apply a thick layer of mulch over soil and surround plants so the mulch suppresses weeds and locks moisture into the soil, whilst also acting as a barrier to direct sunlight and drying winds. As worms take the mulch into the soil they improve the overall soil structure, making it more fertile, free-draining, and moisture retentive.

When does my garden need mulching?

Although our team is able to mulch year-round, the best time for mulching is Spring and Autumn. This is because the soil is moist and accessible.

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No matter the size of your garden, we can help control your weeds

If you live in or around Brackley, Northants, let our landscaping company take care of all of your mulching needs, allowing your garden to be as fruitful as possible.

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